There are now four DVD's in the Kingfisher series, all filmed in Singapore, India and Thailand. All were recorded with a Panasonic DV camera and edited with Magix Movie Edit Pro. There is a full commentary on all of the DVD's giving hints and tips about the fish and places that we visit, to view sample clip please click on the icon, there are 4 clips of each DVD to view.
(Quality of video on actual dvd's is of MUCH HIGHER QUALITY & MUCH LARGER than those shown on the internet samples below, and contain complete narration.)


  1. K1 Exotic Discus of Singapore

    We travel to Singapore and visit four retail shops and three fish farms all specialising in the selling and breeding of Discus, amongst the shops we visit are Discus Habit and Fishio Tribe, also during our visit we are invited to the house of Mr. Lee, one of Singapore�s foremost Discus breeders. During our visit to the shops and farms we see Discus spawning and fry hatching from their eggs, we also see some of the strangest Discus that are now being selectively breed. The commentary on the DVD gives helpful hints and tips regarding the keeping of these wonderful fish.

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    Sample Clips from "Exotic Discus of Singapore"

  2. K2 Kingfisheries Goes to Singapore

    Singapore houses one of the largest fish keeping trade shows in the world and also a fish show for the country�s fish breeders. The trade show features some of the hobbies largest manufactures, such as Ehiem, American Pharmaceuticals, JBL, Oase and many others showcasing their latest products, we also look at some of the prize winning tropical fish and some of the furnished marine aquariums that hobbyist have put on display. Whist in Singapore we also visit Ocean World and see one of the largest growing freshwater fish in the world Arapaima gigas. We also see perhaps one of the oddest fish in the world, the leafy sea dragon, Phycodurus equus. There is a full commentary giving a description of the products and the fish we see.

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    Sample Clips from "Kingfisheries Goes to Singapore"

  3. K3 Bangkok Tropical Fish Market

    Chatachuk in Bangkok Thailand, is perhaps one of the largest open air fish markets in the world, the selection of fish, plants and aquatic products is almost endless, with many new, rare and unusual fish for us to see, including the new �blue� angelfish and a walk down �flower horn alley� where many of the new strains of hump head cichlids are being produced for the fish keeper, we also observe some early morning aquarium maintenance and see an impressive shop that specialises in Siamese fighting fish. A commentary details all that we see with hopefully an insight into the aquarium hobby in Thailand.

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    Sample Clips from "Bangkok Tropical Fish Market"

  4. K4 Kingfisheries Goes to Asaam, India

    Kingfisheries goes to Assam, India. This is a two disc DVD, in which we travel over 2,600 kilometres looking for rare and unusual fish in the north east of India, travelling from Guwahati to the foothills of the Himalayas where we find a fish with one of the most unusual breeding nasal appendages, that is Garra nasturtus, and also catch some Barilius, locally known as river trout, we also look at the different methods of catching fish in the area, also at that time we collect a very rare Devario which could be affinis or regina. During or visit to Assam we also travel to a wildlife sanctuary and find some of the rare one horned Assam rhinos, at one time the world population of these creatures was just under 30 animals. Next in our travels we go to Kolkata, formally Calcutta, to a fish wholesaler and see some of the rare fish that are making their way to the UK, such as Danio dangila and Danio menglaensis. There is a full commentary on all of our travels around the area of Assam.

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    Sample Clips from "Kingfisheries Goes to Asaam, India"

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